I’m always preaching hair care to my clients or friends. I am often asked how my bleached hair stays so soft. For over 4 years now, I’ve been using hair masks at least once a week and a leave in conditioner after every single time I wash my hair. One of my other rituals is to shampoo my hair at least twice, if not more, to make sure I build up enough suds -  because that’s when I know my hair is clean. 


Back in February I received some Novex products; the Bamboo Sprout Shampoo and leave in conditioner and a Brazilian keratin hair mask. I was so thrilled to try them because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Novex. The Hair Mask was small so it didn’t last me long enough to see a huge difference but it did smell really good and my hair felt amazing the days that I would use it. The Bamboo Sprout shampoo lasted a little longer then the hair mask and I could DEFINITELY see right away that I was going to fall in love with these products. Every time the perfect amount would come out of the bottle and no matter how dirty my hair would be, there would be nice big suds in the first shampoo. I still have the Bamboo Sprout leave in conditioner and I keep it in my studio to share with my clients! Even though its a cream, it’s lightweight so it doesn’t leave your hair greasy and it seals your cuticle so your hair doesn’t look dry. The Bamboo Sprout collection has a beautiful fresh scent to it that matches its packaging spot on. 

The best part is that the prices are affordable so I will definitely be purchasing the shampoo and leave in conditioner.

Available at good beauty supply stores, Amazon and directly through Novex.

By Miryam | NYC Makeup Tonight Instructor


This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the NYX Face Awards Launch Party & received a GENEROUS goody bag. The very first thing to catch my eye were the new Colored Felt Tip Liners. I swatched them last night to test how pigmented they are and the different strokes that I would be able to do. Let me tell you,  they passed with flying colors….literally!  I also decided to sleep with the swatches on to test their durability and woke up with them only slightly faded, but the lines were still in tact! They are available in six gorgeous shades; white, royal blue, cobalt blue, teal, grey and chocolate brown. They are all dry and semi matte, which is my personal preference. They retail for $10 each, so they are a great price for what you are getting, including the sleek packaging. However, I do recommend storing these face down to avoid the felt tip applicator from drying out. Happy lining ladies!

By Miryam | NYC Makeup Tonight Instructor


I naturally have pale lips which I HATE because without make-up, its one of the things I least like about my face. However, the power of makeup always gives us an answer!  My go to lipstick for a natural no make-up day is Vincent Longo Cosmetics Lipstain Lipstick in ‘Fluer de Flirt’. I take it with me everywhere I go because its such an easy and comfortable formula. It’s glossy, but like a sheer balm so it’s not sticky and when the moisture eventually dissolves into your lips, it leaves behind a beautiful natural stain. This specific color though is what makes it perfect even with no make-up on because it doesn’t look like make-up! It looks like your lips….but better! Loving my lips again :-) 

By Miryam | NYC Makeup Tonight Instructor


Look familiar? For those that follow our Blog - these are the previously reviewed Trestique products in action!

First I started with the bronzer in Brazilian Bronze to define or contour the hallows of my cheeks, forehead, nose, beneath my bottom lip & jawline. On the apples of my cheeks,  I used the blush stick in Bora Bora Coral and the highlight stick in Maldives Luminescent on the highest points of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose, center of my forehead & my chin. Once I was done with placement, I blended them out to banish any harsh lines. Also, because I was doing a full face application, I set my face with powders instead of leaving it as is.

I just love these products - easy to use for anyone at any level of makeup skills!

By Miryam | NYC Makeup Tonight Instructor


If you’re just starting out as a make-up artist or entering into the makeup world just for yourself, you understand the struggle to invest in great quality products for your kit. Lucky for you, there are countless affordable products out there that are just as great as high end products. You just have to know where to look!

City Color Cosmetics lip liners are only $2.99, with the special price of $1.99 going on right now, making it about $24 to invest in all 12 colors available! That’s like 1 high end lip liner for the price of this whole range! You can’t beat that price. Its creamy formula can be compared to MAC Pro Long Wear lip liners and they are just as pigmented as well. The best part is their black sleek design doesn’t look cheap at all, considering the price which I still can’t wrap my head around. High end packaging and results, for a price you will barely notice. 


Some of the best ‘all natural’ products can be found in small businesses like Pride Beauty Studio.  I’ve been using their Brow Wow Serum for about two months and have really enjoyed what it has been able to do for my brows. During this time, the first thing I noticed was that my brows were now growing at a rapid pace. The second thing I noticed, was that I wasn’t experiencing any sensitivity or skin discoloration that can be associated with hair growth products. In general, Eye products are hit or miss for me because of my sensitive eyes so I was over the moon when this oil actually cooperated with my skin!  The fullness was the last thing for me to notice as it does take more time for that to happen. Trust and believe it WILL happen. 

False lashes and waterproof mascaras can really do a number on you, so I even started using this on my lashes before bed to help maintain their fullness. I recommend applying a drop on your ring fingers and working it into your brows/lashes gently as opposed to applying it directly to your skin from the applicator. I love this product so much that I brought it to my own studio to use on my clients to share my new find with them! My only regret was not taking a photographic record of my progress but I’m not going to let that stop me from raving about it anyway!  


Trestique is one of the newest innovative products on the market and it definitely came in with a BANG! For all you hard working ladies who need a quick and easy routine, this one’s for you.

Trestique offers a variety of face sticks meant to enhance you’re best features. The creamy gel formula blends in smoothly to your skin so much so that I personally consider this the most subtle yet effective formula for the ’no make-up make-up’ look. Each product comes with refillable applicators so you can keep your tools fresh and like new for longer. You can even swap one of the applicators out with a blotting sheet cartridge! I’m pretty sure this has never been done before so that’s innovation at its best!

I’ve been lucky enough to try everything except the brow pencil. I can honestly vouch for everything Trestique. The lip crayon is matte, yet comfortable... just the way I like it. The eye pencil doesn’t crease and their face products are undetectable. It’s all worth the price you’re paying for these life savers.

Right now through tomorrow they have a special $40 off two-week introductory! Don’t miss it, go grab it!

By Miryam | Makeup Tonight NYC Instructor


Seche Vite is very well known for its fast dry top coat. If you haven't heard of the brand, it’s probably because most beauty supplies ONLY carry it's top coat and sometimes even the base coat so it can be very easy to miss. Within just 5 minutes of application, you’re nails are completely dry and solid. For that reason alone, I always go back to this top coat even over Essie or OPI....And you know how much I love glossy things :-)  This top coat leaves a high gloss shine so your regular manicure looks more like a gel manicure for the first 2-3 days. I call it my life saver when I’m rushing out the door!

By Miryam | Makeup Tonight NYC Instructor


When women ask me what my favorite mascara is, it may surprise them that my answer can be found at your local drugstore. I always tell them it's Cover Girl Lash Blast and then I include the following tip without hesitation; 

When you’re looking for a mascara that will hold the curl you created, you want to look for one that is waterproof. If you don’t feel like it's giving you enough volume or length, your second or third coat can be another mascara you love for that. Just make sure your base coat is waterproof (and ideally Cover Girl Lash Blast) so that your curl is locked!

Now here is why Lash Blast is my favorite; This formula is strong but lightweight so it doesn’t clump up my lashes. The wand separates each lash in perfect sync and in the same direction so you don’t end up with any open areas. Then I can add any volumizing mascara and VOILA  my lashes will look fluffy and last all night long! 

However, you do have to be careful when removing your makeup as the waterproof mascara is obviously meant to endure water. The best way to remove it, is with an oil based eye makeup remover or just plain old baby oil on a cotton ball or soft tissue. Hold it over your lashes and let it sink in for a little before wiping so you aren’t rubbing your eye too long. Rinse and repeat for your next night out!

By Miryam | Makeup Tonight NYC Instructor


Matte liquid lipsticks have been all the rage lately and Kat Von D’s are a definite must try. These highly pigmented colors range from very unique to what’s hot on the streets! Also, despite being matte, which tends to be very drying, this everlasting liquid lipstick is beyond comfortable. It’s also super easy to apply because unlike others, it doesn’t leave behind streaks as you go. However, this long-wear formula is no joke so I do suggest using a mirror to make sure you stay within the lines!

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor


I literally cannot compare Nivea's ‘A Kiss of Moisture - Essential Lip Care' to anything else as far as lip care is concerned. This feels and smells so natural to me yet it's a thick formula like Vaseline and hydrating too. I loved Vaseline to moisturize my dry lips but Vaseline wasn't able to heal my lips if they were already chapped. ‘A Kiss of Moisture’ does both and more because it also protects! The rich formula also leaves behind a natural gloss to lips that isn’t one bit sticky ;) Basically once you try it, you will feel like you need it in your life too.  Pucker up ladies and try this inexpensive go to lip protector - you won't ever look back!

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor


The Queen of brows has done it again!

The latest brow product to launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the new brow definer. What sets this apart from other ABH brow products, is its unique triangular tip. This triangular tip allows for you to create at least 3 different types of hair strokes, eliminating the need for you to use more then one filler product. You will still want to use a a brow gel. It is available in 10 natural colors that include warm and cool tones so there’s literally a color for everyone.

The formula in this pencil is also different from other ABH products, because this one is creamier. This allows you to easily glide across your brow with each stroke saving you lots of time when you’re trying to fill in sparse areas. As a New Yorker, I’m all about saving time whenever and wherever I can so that was a HUGE plus for me. And like all ABH products, the brow definer is also long lasting and sweat proof. This is a must have for your kit as well as for beginners who are just learning how to fill in their brows. 

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor


Have you ever gone to the mirror to start your makeup routine and your eyes are hanging out with your nostrils!? Worry no more. These amazing little eye patches by Patchology are a complete life saver! Renowned makeup artists use them on their models before they hit the runway. Who can blame them, as each pad generously spoils us with an instant eye lift! Use above or below the eye, wherever you feel you need more lift and firming. For really great results apply one every morning while you get ready for the day, you can even wear them outside while you walk Fido. They are sleek and clear, so no one will notice.  It'll be your little super model secret :-) 

By The Makeup Tonight Team | Makeup Tonight


A while ago I received a deluxe sample of this fresh ‘soy face cleanser’ in one of my Boxycharm boxes and it quickly became my holy grail cleanser! I always find myself repurchasing this at Sephora. It’s gentle like the popular Cetaphile one, only this one actually suds up, which I LOVE because I feel like it's getting all of the dirt out of my pores quicker. It’s fragrance free so there’s no artificial scent to it, but it does smell and feel very fresh. The best part is it's great for ALL skin types including sensitive skin like mine so when it’s all said and done and I rinse it off, my skin doesn’t feel tight and stiff. It just feels like my skin, only cleaner. Also, I don’t suffer from acne but I do get a blemish here and there and I SWEAR this keeps them in check.

Sephora is offering a free Fresh 2016 Skincare Set to beauty insiders for their birthdays which includes a deluxe sample of the cleanser and their rose face mask! I’m going to be all over that gift set… it my birthday yet?!

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor


I recently purchased this "Benefit' "Gimme Brow" Brow Gel/Tint. It is a fibrous gel that grabs onto brow hairs and it creates brow like hairs. I absolutely love this gel even without any product on my brows, it pretty much fills them in naturally, makes them look thicker, and keeps my brows in place. I use this on a daily basis with or without anything on my brows...I love it both ways! This is definitely a must have brow product...unless you have amazing thick brows lol!


This is the Buxom Serial Kisser Set that came with these 5 adorable colors shown above.

The colors all have a sheen/lustre to them so they are obviously not matte! However, heres a little trick to make any non-matte lipstick matte: All you need is a tissue & some translucent loose powder! You can do two things:

1: You put a little bit of the powder on the tissue, distribute it evenly, and dab it on your lips.

2: Place the tissue on your lips and with a brush dip into your loose powder and stipple the powder directly onto the tissue...the powder will go through the tissue onto your lips and make them matte!


Voila you have matte lips! I tried this technique with these glosses and the colors were even prettier when matted.


My favorite is "Centerfold" & "Mistress" I like to mix the two!

The one color I dislike and will probably not use is "Moonlighter" because it is shiny as you can kind of tell from my swatch & the color is not appealing in my opinion.

Otherwise, I am loving these mini lipsticks. They look full size in my picture above but don't be fooled they are pretty tiny and travel friendly! The lipstick itself is also very skinny and miniature.

By Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor


As most of my readers know I love to contour and recently I've been wanting to contour with a concealer so I decided to purchase this from the drugstore. I am really liking it because the color is perfect, it blends beautifully, and it's very creamy. I apply it to the areas I want to contour such as my jaw, the outlines of my forehead, and of course the hallows of my cheeks... I then blend it out with my beauty blender. Oh and I apply my foundation before I contour with this product. You can also contour before applying your foundation if you want a more natural effort-less look... but I like a strong contour!


Hey beauties, so I purchased a lipstick from the Nars Audacious Lipstick line because the reviews were through the roof amazing. They had so many colors out and I didn't know which one to purchase, so I decided to make it special and get the one with my name on it, "Greta." I have one of those uncommon names that's never on key chains, souvenirs, anything lol let alone a lipstick... so I had to get it!

Luckily, I absolutely love the vibrant pink it came out to be and it went with my skin tone beautifully!!! I did however promise myself to go out and get more neutral colors that I will wear more often because I fell in love with the formula and you will too with just one swatch! 

The formula of these lipsticks are SOOOO creamy, pigmented, and not to mention hydrating on the lips. 

You know how when you wear certain lipsticks you feel that you are wearing lipstick...well with this you completely forget you have anything on your lips it's that lightweight!!!!

I honestly think Nars has created the "Perfect Lipstick" with this line and although they are a bit pricey at $32 they really are worth every single penny!

By Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor


So, I was in the Sephora line waiting for my turn to pay and AS ALWAYS I end up buying something from their products by the checkout line! I cam across this and decided to try it!

This is when my life changed!

I will not, I repeat WILL NOT, leave the house without this on my face ever in my life again! 

I swear to you this is like an extra strength hairspray for your face it is amazinggggggggg! I do not know where it has been all my life! If you touch-up your makeup throughout the day you need this in your life! My makeup looks just as flawless as it did when I applied it!

I can go on and on about how amazing this stuff is but you guys need to try it out!

By Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor


Many of you are probably unfamiliar with the brand Arcona because I know I was, even though I browse through everything at the beauty department. I heard about this brand through another blogger and decided to try out their line of products. After familiarizing myself with the brand and getting more info on all the products from the sales associate I decided to try this "Desert Mist" because it was the one product that intrigued me the most! Basically this product is a shield on your face to protect you from all the dirt, pollution, bacteria, sun rays, and anything else that can damage your face! It comes with a pump it's not really a mist lol and a full pump will do the job. You just rub it between your palms and PRESS it onto your face you do not buff it in with circular motions! You then wait for it to dry and go about applying your primer than foundation OR you can just leave it like that! Before you apply this product, if you moisturize, you should moisturize prior to applying this! 

This product smells soooo good & it's all natural!

By the way,  I got this from Nordstrom!

By Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor