august 28th 2017 | “GORGEOUS BROWS & LASHES ” | barbianca - hotel mdr

Two of the best ways to frame your face and makeup look is to have perfect Brows and of course, perfect Lashes. Many ladies are going to great lengths and costs to have eyebrow and lash extensions added to their beauty salon routine. After our "Gorgeous Brows & Lashes" event you will skip the time and cost of having to do that! Faking a full set of Brows is not easy. With the power of makeup and learning the skills involved, you will be able to do this for yourself. Applying a set of false eyelashes is also not easy for most of us. Learn how to finish off your makeup look with these two essentials and take home a fab set of eyelashes and an amazing eyebrow filler too! 

We've Got it Covered! Tonight You Will Learn:

  • How to perfect the best brow shape for your face.
  • How to apply false eyelashes seamlessly.
  • How to achieve a natural looking brow and the best products to use.


We Suggest You Bring:

  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow Pencil or Powder
  • Mascara


Items Provided For You to Use & Keep:

  • Elizabeth Mott Tinted Eyebrow Gel - for communal use.
  • J&N Beauty Eyelash Set
  • And....Our Makeup Tonight Swag Bag!


Hotel MdR  - 13480 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

August 28th 2017 | 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

(We suggest you attend this event with no brow makeup or mascara on. Makeup remover is available for those coming from work or with makeup on)