Many of you are probably unfamiliar with the brand Arcona because I know I was, even though I browse through everything at the beauty department. I heard about this brand through another blogger and decided to try out their line of products. After familiarizing myself with the brand and getting more info on all the products from the sales associate I decided to try this "Desert Mist" because it was the one product that intrigued me the most! Basically this product is a shield on your face to protect you from all the dirt, pollution, bacteria, sun rays, and anything else that can damage your face! It comes with a pump it's not really a mist lol and a full pump will do the job. You just rub it between your palms and PRESS it onto your face you do not buff it in with circular motions! You then wait for it to dry and go about applying your primer than foundation OR you can just leave it like that! Before you apply this product, if you moisturize, you should moisturize prior to applying this! 

This product smells soooo good & it's all natural!

By the way,  I got this from Nordstrom!

By Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor