Welcome to Makeup Tonight. We offer an array of makeup themed events where you can learn different looks and styles on your own face, under the guidance of one our fabulous Makeup artists, in a fun, chic environment.  Have a blush with your blush! Learn with friends or come alone and meet new ones while you sip, sway and sizzle your way to fabulous looks.

Makeup today has changed quite a bit from years gone by. It can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever changing trends and the enormous selection of cosmetics available to us. Gone are the days of a basic mascara and lip gloss. Today there are literally thousands of every type of cosmetic available. How do we know which one is right for us? Trial and error can be costly and trying to learn all of the new trends can be frustrating. We are here to take the frustration out of it and teach ladies how to create amazing and gorgeous new styles for themselves, on themselves.


As you can see there is quite an array of different makeup themes to choose from. Please select an event that reflects your style or one which reflects an area in which you desire to learn about. Simply click on your city to view the list of upcoming events in your area. Once you have selected the event that appeals to you, go ahead and register through the website. You will receive an email confirmation with details of your event and check in time.

Our events are Hosted by one of our own popular and ultra glamorous makeup artists. What they don’t know about makeup isn’t worth knowing!

When you arrive at the venue you will be greeted by your Makeup Instructor for the evening. Upon check-in, your Instructor will give you the makeup tools you need for the evening, to partner with the items we have suggested you bring with you. The items we provide for you are essential to the theme of the evening and yours to take home at the end of the night. Each table setting will have your very own lit mirror to use throughout the evening.  Please be sure to bring with you the items suggested on your chosen event - your favorite everyday items and of course, anything else you wish to bring. Your Instructor will also have her professional kit with her to fill in for any items you may not have. You will not be asked to purchase anything at the event - if you need any different items or colors, your Instructor will assist with this from her makeup collection.

Along with your brush set, you will also be handed an instruction card. This card will highlight the points of the evening and will serve as an informal instruction card on how to achieve your desired results for the night. It’s best to arrive with minimal makeup on so that you can maximize the style you are aiming to achieve. If you feel more comfortable arriving with some makeup on, there will be complimentary makeup remover and cotton swabs available for your use at each table. Your Instructor can assist you with removal or you are welcome to take care of this yourself.

You will also receive a note card with a short bio about your Instructor. This allows you to get to know a bit about your Instructor before the night begins.


Don’t worry if you make any mistakes or want to start over. Our Instructor is there to guide you through the evening and to help you learn quick and easy techniques that you can use again and again!

When the event is over, you are welcome to stay and mingle with the other ladies in attendance or chat with your Instructor about any questions you may have or additional tips for re-creating your new style at home. As you will be looking like a Goddess at the end of the night - maybe your night has only just begun!

Choose your city and Event!