Hello Makeup Tonight Beauties,

Here is a review on the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation :)

So lets talk a little about the foundation:

  • It's definitely light weight; it feels very smooth and velvety. 
  • It isn't as luminous as it claims; it's more demi-matte in my opinion.
  • It is definitely not all day. It wears for a few hours but it settles into fine lines (laugh smiles, wrinkles, etc) fairly quickly. 
    • I have tried this foundation with a bunch of primers to see what it is most compatible with. I have moisturized and used a velvety primer (Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer) underneath this foundation and it still gets into the crevices of my face and doesn't elongate the wear power. I have also used a silicone poreless primer (Too Faced Primed & Poreless) and I realized my face looking extra oily and the foundation was breaking up (bummer). I have also used a color correcting primer (Clinique Super Primer) and although it gave me a flawless finish (as did all the other primers) it still settles into my smile lines and I feel that I need to touch up with powder after 2 hours. 
    • I set my face with either a pressed or loose powder every time!
  • Not compatible with other foundations. I tried to mix it and it started to break apart on my face so stay away from mixing this foundation with other foundations.
  • Definitely full coverage. It will cover everything!!!!
  • It is advised to use only 1 pump on your face (laughs). That is a joke to me given that the pump lets out only a dot, YES a dot, of product. I normally use 2-3 pumps for my whole face. *Shake before you use it*
  • You must must must have an exfoliated face if you want to use this foundation because it does tends to enhance imperfections on the face. 
  • Compatible with dry skin if you moisturize and I advise anyone with oily skin to stay far far away. 
  • I blend this with my beauty blender after I dot the foundation on my face.

Overall, I do like this foundation but I don't love it. I use it because it's new and I can get away with it looking somewhat flawless for a few hours but it's not something I reach for if I want my makeup to last all day and look flawless all day.

If you want to give this foundation a shot click on the link below:

By: Greta | MakeUp Tonight LA Instructor