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 I like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner very often and have used Dove Daily Moisture in the past and have never had any issue. However, this time I had a different experience. The smell was amazing of course & it created lots of suds for me just the way I like it, but I quickly realized that my scalp was beginning to get irritated after the second time using it. I’m not sure if I developed an allergy to the formula (which apparently is common) or if something in their formula has changed but aside from an irritated scalp, it left my dry hair feeling so heavy and flat; it felt and looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in a few days!

I found myself washing my hair more often then I normally would. I didn’t have any issues with the conditioner however so I continued to use that until I finished the whole bottle. The conditioner did it’s job, smelled great but was nothing out of this world. I had purchased the pair in a large size, so now I’m stuck with this huge worthless shampoo that I feel bad throwing away, even though I hate it.