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The Queen of brows has done it again!

The latest brow product to launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the new brow definer. What sets this apart from other ABH brow products, is its unique triangular tip. This triangular tip allows for you to create at least 3 different types of hair strokes, eliminating the need for you to use more then one filler product. You will still want to use a a brow gel. It is available in 10 natural colors that include warm and cool tones so there’s literally a color for everyone.

The formula in this pencil is also different from other ABH products, because this one is creamier. This allows you to easily glide across your brow with each stroke saving you lots of time when you’re trying to fill in sparse areas. As a New Yorker, I’m all about saving time whenever and wherever I can so that was a HUGE plus for me. And like all ABH products, the brow definer is also long lasting and sweat proof. This is a must have for your kit as well as for beginners who are just learning how to fill in their brows. 

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor