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Some of the best ‘all natural’ products can be found in small businesses like Pride Beauty Studio.  I’ve been using their Brow Wow Serum for about two months and have really enjoyed what it has been able to do for my brows. During this time, the first thing I noticed was that my brows were now growing at a rapid pace. The second thing I noticed, was that I wasn’t experiencing any sensitivity or skin discoloration that can be associated with hair growth products. In general, Eye products are hit or miss for me because of my sensitive eyes so I was over the moon when this oil actually cooperated with my skin!  The fullness was the last thing for me to notice as it does take more time for that to happen. Trust and believe it WILL happen. 

False lashes and waterproof mascaras can really do a number on you, so I even started using this on my lashes before bed to help maintain their fullness. I recommend applying a drop on your ring fingers and working it into your brows/lashes gently as opposed to applying it directly to your skin from the applicator. I love this product so much that I brought it to my own studio to use on my clients to share my new find with them! My only regret was not taking a photographic record of my progress but I’m not going to let that stop me from raving about it anyway!  


Trestique is one of the newest innovative products on the market and it definitely came in with a BANG! For all you hard working ladies who need a quick and easy routine, this one’s for you.

Trestique offers a variety of face sticks meant to enhance you’re best features. The creamy gel formula blends in smoothly to your skin so much so that I personally consider this the most subtle yet effective formula for the ’no make-up make-up’ look. Each product comes with refillable applicators so you can keep your tools fresh and like new for longer. You can even swap one of the applicators out with a blotting sheet cartridge! I’m pretty sure this has never been done before so that’s innovation at its best!

I’ve been lucky enough to try everything except the brow pencil. I can honestly vouch for everything Trestique. The lip crayon is matte, yet comfortable... just the way I like it. The eye pencil doesn’t crease and their face products are undetectable. It’s all worth the price you’re paying for these life savers.

Right now through tomorrow they have a special $40 off two-week introductory! Don’t miss it, go grab it!

By Miryam | Makeup Tonight NYC Instructor


The Queen of brows has done it again!

The latest brow product to launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the new brow definer. What sets this apart from other ABH brow products, is its unique triangular tip. This triangular tip allows for you to create at least 3 different types of hair strokes, eliminating the need for you to use more then one filler product. You will still want to use a a brow gel. It is available in 10 natural colors that include warm and cool tones so there’s literally a color for everyone.

The formula in this pencil is also different from other ABH products, because this one is creamier. This allows you to easily glide across your brow with each stroke saving you lots of time when you’re trying to fill in sparse areas. As a New Yorker, I’m all about saving time whenever and wherever I can so that was a HUGE plus for me. And like all ABH products, the brow definer is also long lasting and sweat proof. This is a must have for your kit as well as for beginners who are just learning how to fill in their brows. 

By Miryam | MakeUp Tonight NYC Instructor