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Using a face primer underneath your foundation is a very important step in not only skin care but also making sure your make up lasts longer throughout the day without having to touch up. Right after applying my face primer I like to apply my eye primer right away and massage it down to my under eye area as well as if it were an eye cream. I find that doing that prevents my under eye concealer from creasing no matter what concealer I go for! It makes perfect sense too because the formula for eye primers have an extra umph meant to specifically PREVENT eye shadows from creasing so why not apply that same concept for your under eye right? I’m not going to lie I have more then one favorite eye primer that all work well with my sensitive eyes and feel very similar if not the same during application. I recommend Smash Box 24 hour photo finish, Urban Decay primer potion (original) or Milani eye shadow primer if you’re looking for something more affordable. 

By Miryam | NYC Makeup Tonight Instructor


Have you ever gone to the mirror to start your makeup routine and your eyes are hanging out with your nostrils!? Worry no more. These amazing little eye patches by Patchology are a complete life saver! Renowned makeup artists use them on their models before they hit the runway. Who can blame them, as each pad generously spoils us with an instant eye lift! Use above or below the eye, wherever you feel you need more lift and firming. For really great results apply one every morning while you get ready for the day, you can even wear them outside while you walk Fido. They are sleek and clear, so no one will notice.  It'll be your little super model secret :-) 

By The Makeup Tonight Team | Makeup Tonight