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I have always been very into keeping my hands and feet looking clean and perfectly polished for those moments someone compliments your color and wants to get up close. I would genuinely always want to give my friends tips on how to apply their polish perfectly without messing up but was never ever really able to translate it into words until I started working with clients. Now that I do work with my clients, I have been able to express it and I figured it would be a great post! It all pretty much comes down to one very common mistake; applied pressure. Holding the polish brush is very similar to holding a makeup brush in terms of easing the pressure off by placing your fingers toward the tail end of the brush. This is what allows you to create smooth strokes rather then actual brush strokes. Another great and very important tip is to begin in the middle, closer to the cuticle but not actually at the cuticle. You want to slightly and quickly push the paint up towards the cuticle and stop right before you actually touch it and then bring it down to the tip. and repeat the same technique for the right and left side of the nail. For those that like to play with their nail colors at home, in between manicures, this one is for you. Happy polishing ladies! 


Seche Vite is very well known for its fast dry top coat. If you haven't heard of the brand, it’s probably because most beauty supplies ONLY carry it's top coat and sometimes even the base coat so it can be very easy to miss. Within just 5 minutes of application, you’re nails are completely dry and solid. For that reason alone, I always go back to this top coat even over Essie or OPI....And you know how much I love glossy things :-)  This top coat leaves a high gloss shine so your regular manicure looks more like a gel manicure for the first 2-3 days. I call it my life saver when I’m rushing out the door!

By Miryam | Makeup Tonight NYC Instructor