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Along side intense hair products, the key to keeping my bleached hair healthy is PATIENCE. Patience is key! This blog was a special request by a lovely follower on Instagram, who wanted to know how I achieved my platinum hair. To be honest, it was a very slow and gradual process. Before getting ready to go blonde, I would do my hair masks two or three times a week instead of once to prepare my hair for what it was about to endure. I use 40vol developer & won’t lighten (aka bleach but lighten sounds better lol) my hair more then twice at a time (which is usually when the hair will tell me its enough for the day). So the first time I went blonde, I had to settle for more of a golden blonde because my hair wouldn’t take anymore processing that day. I gave it a little trim and continued to do my hair masks two or three times a week, to help restore my hair. After two weeks, most hairs are ready to go through that again but I personally don’t mind waiting two months and letting it get stronger. When I was ready for round 2, I achieved a beautiful beige level which I kept for a year or more because I loved it so much. I would only lighten my roots from time to time but didn’t re-bleach any hair that was already blonde. I kept it toned with Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and conditioner to prevent any brass from coming through. Round 3 came recently and it definitely did a number on my hair (even after all of that time) so I barely used heat on my hair so it didn’t disrupt the progress I was making with my hair masks. My favorite toner is Wella Charm ‘Nordic Blonde’ and I plan on keeping it like this for a LONG time especially after all that hard work and patience! So basically your journey doesn’t have to be as long as mine but you should be realistic and expect it to be slower then overnight for sure. The biggest tip in all of this story is listening to your hair when it's telling you enough is enough. Also don’t forget prepping and restoring with hair masks no matter how lazy you feel about it, your hair will thank you!